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Tired of paying someone to re-key every interior lock?

Make the Switch.

With Switch Tech, electronic access control is now easy and affordable.

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Trusted by Industry Professionals

Switch Tech’s unique design and innovative functionality has been recognized by industry professionals. Explore how Switch Tech is the leader in making access control safe and secure.

An evolution of access control
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How it Works

Switch up your security standards

Switch Tech is a technology that extends your electronic access control to applications where it was previously not practical.

Using Bluetooth® technology, you can manage who has access to certain areas of your space without spending a fortune on electronic locks.

Where it works

Switch is designed specifically for

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations deal with valuable (and often dangerous) equipment and substances, and patients and staff often require secure areas with controlled access. Switch can help mitigate risk, controlling and monitoring access to places, people, and materials like never before.
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  • Retail & Commercial

    In retail environments, staff turnover is high, theft is a constant risk, and shrinkage is a continual issue. For commercial organizations, the cost-benefit of controlling every door becomes a simple ROI calculation. In both cases, Switch offers a new cost-benefit model that such organizations will find attractive.
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  • Government

    Local, municipal, state, and national governments frequently operate with sensitive and confidential information, often in areas where members of the public have access. Switch offers a highly flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution to protect critical areas and assets.
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  • Learning & Higher Education

    With lots of traffic and access control needs, schools and other learning institutions are always seeking better and more cost-effective ways to limit risk and protect valuable assets. Switch makes it possible to create new layers of protection and access across a range of use cases.
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Make the switch to affordable access

Electronic access control has never been simpler or more affordable.
  • Retrofit 10 doors for the price of 1 single hardwired electronic lock

  • Reduce the long-term cost of replacing mechanical keys

  • Recoup the administrative time that goes into key management


Making the Switch Means Longer-Term Financial Benefits and Long-Lasting Security

Visit our ROI and Battery Life calculators to see how.
Switch Tech opens doors at Arizona autism school
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Ready to make the switch?