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Smarter Security for safer authority

Local, municipal, and state governments frequently operate with sensitive and confidential information, oftentimes in areas where members of the public have access. Security and data protection are required, but budgets are tight. Enter Switch™ Tech– a flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution to protect those interior “zero factor” doors.


The many benefits of SWITCH in state and local government environments include:

  • Protect more doors and cabinets where a full-fledged access control system is cost-prohibitive, but there is immediate compliance and security value in creating new monitoring and access capabilities
  • Improve compliance and demonstrate commitment to data security
  • Improve audit trail for data and other asset security
Asset 90Government Offices Print room Equipment cages HR Suite Interview rooms Server / IT closet Supply closet Locker rooms Meeting rooms File cabinets Mailroom
“We have lots of doors and cabinets where sensitive information is kept—offices, files, meeting rooms, and often in locations where there is relatively close proximity to the general public.”

Municipal Security Lead

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