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Putting switch to work.

Perfectly versatile for every industry. Perfectly precise for you.

With specific capabilities in healthcare, retail & commercial, government, and learning & higher education environments, Switch™ Tech works anywhere you need it to.
  • Healthcare

    How would healthcare be transformed if every pharmacy cart, patient corridor, or lab had an access audit trail?

  • Retail & Commercial

    Display cases that don’t just lock, but tell you when they were last accessed—and by whom.

  • Government

    Secure sensitive documents even in public access areas—without the need for physical keys? Yes, please.

  • Learning & Higher Education

    Give students and employees temporary or permanent access to labs, records offices, and other secure areas with a simple digital credential.

Finish Options to fit any Interior

Polished Chrome
Polished Gold
Spun Chrome
Spun Gold

Ready to make the switch?