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Your RX for secure healthcare facilities

Access control is critical in healthcare facilities, but the cost has always been prohibitive–until now. Because now you can extend electronic access control to anywhere you currently use a mechanical lock with a small format interchangeable core (SFIC).


The many benefits of SWITCH in healthcare environments include:

  • The ability to monitor specific users and provide access to certain places at specific times to sensitive records, medications, and areas
  • Identify opportunities to extend protection into small format interchangeable cores where keys are the only current solution, or where access control was previously seen as valuable but cost-prohibitive
Asset 90Government Filing cabinets (Sensitive records) Office Data room Linen closet Senior living facilities Patient corridors Storage rooms Laboratory Medication storage
“We have to control access to medication cabinets, supply rooms, and lab areas, as well as areas where patient spaces merge with public ones like the lobby. And those access credentials sometimes need to change daily.”

Hospital Administrator

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