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Better access control to help you go back to business as usual

In retail environments, staff turnover is high, theft is a constant risk, and shrinkage is a constant issue. For commercial organizations, the cost-benefit of controlling every door can become a simple ROI calculation. Because of these factors, trusted access control is needed in both environments to maintain proper security. Switch™ Tech offers a cost-benefit model that will help keep business running as usual.


The many benefits of SWITCH in retail and commercial environments include:

  • An improved and cost-effective way to monitor, manage, and trace individual access to inventory, offices records, back-of-house storage, and display cases
  • Improved savings and reduction of administrative effort spent on changing keys or replacing cores due to high staff turnover
Asset 90Government Supply closets Security offices Display cases Dock doors Shipping department / warehouse File / equipment cabinets Trash compactors Interior doors Server / IT closets
“Most goods cases and cabinets have SFIC locks on them, and we end up rekeying them all the time, given staff turnover. Same for inventory storage, offices, and supply closets in employee areas.”

Retail Manager

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