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Graduate to smarter security and access control

With lots of traffic and access control needs, schools and other learning institutions need more cost-effective ways to limit risk and protect valuable assets. Switch™ Tech makes it possible for schools to create new layers of protection and access across a range of use cases.


The many benefits of SWITCH in education environments include:

  • Ability to monitor specific users and provide access to certain places at specific times
  • Demonstrate a commitment to data security
  • Improved ability to provide secure access for ever-changing populations of students and staff
  • Ability to quickly “rekey” entire dorms, hallways, and classroom areas without having to physically change cores
  • Quickly and easily confirm all needed door credentials at residence halls to facilitate changeover at the beginning of a semester / school year
  • Add SHELTER™ for a highly versatile lockdown solution
Asset 90Government Recreational building Gym First aid / training lab Student housing Campus health center Research labs Registrar & financial offices Supply room Staff lounge Server / IT c…
“A big mix of faculty, staff, students, visitors, and suppliers move from classrooms to labs to offices to bookstores to residence halls to stadiums to libraries. All of it needs to be protected but the sheer scale has been prohibitive—until now.”


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